What’s Happening with Construction?

Construction fencing is up on the front lawn at Thomas Worthington.  If you drive past the school during the day you’ll see bulldozers actively moving dirt.  The recent construction activity is both exciting to see and creates a level of nostalgia towards the current building.  The activity also creates questions on what we’re actually doing.

Q1:  What are you doing?

We’re building a NEW school!  With the passage of Issue 7 back in November, Worthington Schools secured the necessary funding to move forward on Phase 2 of our Master Facilities Plan.  Phase 2 includes the rebuild of Thomas Worthington High School, the renovation of Worthington Kilbourne High School, a rebuild of the natatorium and additional turf practice fields at both TWHS and WKHS.  It’s going to be AWESOME!

Q2:  How much of Thomas Worthington is going to be rebuilt?

Almost all of it.  We’re going to renovate the current gymnasiums which were added in 1991.  Everything else will be torn down and will be new construction.

Q3:  How will you educate students while this occurs?

The Thomas Worthington building will be built in stages.  During construction, modular classrooms will be placed to the north of the current school.  Students will be able to use both existing spaces and the modulars during construction.  After only one year of construction, most of the new academic classrooms will be ready and students will move into those spaces.

Check out the detailed site plan and phasing here.

Q4:  What work is actually going on now?

Demolition of the south portion of the school will begin shortly after school is out. Construction of the new academic wing will begin shortly after.  

Check out what’s happening with Area A construction here.

Crews have constructed several types of fences to enclose the active construction site and protect our historic trees. This will soon become our staging area as we begin the partial demolition on a piece of the front of TWHS. We expect construction trailers and storage units to be delivered shortly.

In the front lawn, they are currently stripping off topsoil to build a laydown area. We will eventually install a water detention system and stormwater systems. This may begin as a detention pond but will eventually include an underground tank that will limit the flow of stormwater that leaves the site during heavy rains. We will then return this topsoil and return the area to green space once the building is complete. Our team will also begin to bore near the outdoor pool and under the student parking lot to install new fiber for the building. This will allow us to continue to operate technology through the various stages of construction.

Near the stadium, crews are preparing to pour concrete around the new exterior locker rooms and install the roofing system. This work requires significant grading work which will relocate some of the dirt located on our practice field. The remainder may be used at various stages of the TWHS project as well. In addition, we expect crews to soon arrive to begin work on installing our new turf practice field behind the visitor bleachers. This project will also require some water retention work. The turf project and the locker room building are expected to be complete by the end of the summer. Just in time for the start of fall sports. Go Cards!

You can read more about the TWHS Field House project here.

Q5:  Wait…is the City of Worthington ok with all of this?

Yep!  They’ve been great partners!

Here is our recent presentation to the City Council.

Here is our presentation to the City of Worthington Architectural Review Board.

Q6:  Will Thomas Worthington still host the fireworks on the 4th of July?

YES!  But, construction does cause some impact.  The school district is going to allow families to bring blankets and sit on the turf.  In order to allow this under regulations the fireworks do need to be reduced in size some.  But…the show will go on!

Q7:  What should Worthington Kilbourne expect?

We’re still in the design development phase for the Worthington Kilbourne renovations.  Most work at WKHS will begin in the Spring of 2024.  This summer we are installing a turf practice field with lights North of the current stadium and working to install restrooms and a concession stand on the visitor side of the WKHS stadium.  Go Wolves! Stay tuned for more detailed WKHS info.

Q8:  What about the natatorium?

We’ve been working diligently on a natatorium plan.  Input from both SwimInc and our Swim, Water Polo and Dive coaches has been invaluable.  The natatorium is set to be built to the south of the current natatorium so swim and dive are not disrupted during construction.  After the new natatorium is online we will remove the current building and plans show additional parking for the pools in that location.  We’re currently value-engineering the natatorium, working to meet the budget allocations and looking to break ground within the next 12 months.  Stay tuned for more detailed natatorium information coming soon.

Q9:  What about the outdoor pools?

SwimInc (the local nonprofit organization that runs the outdoor pools) is working diligently to secure funding to renovate the outdoor pools.  Worthington Schools is building the new natatorium as it serves the needs of multiple school-based athletic teams.

Q10:  If I have specific questions who should I contact

Randy Banks is the Assistant Superintendent for Operations 614.450.6017

Jeff Eble is the Director of Business Services 614.450.6037

Tim Gehring is the Director of Facilities Management 614.450.6082

We’re crazy excited about these projects while recognizing that they will create questions and concerns; we’re committed to working together to make sure we build for the future and care for our community in the process.

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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