Worthington’s 2021 Retiring Staff Members

Sara Dale

One of the lessons in life that has been cemented to me over and over again is that who you’re with is always more important than where you are.  It’s the people that we are surrounded by that enrich our lives and make all the difference in our experience.  In public schools that is even more true. We say that nothing is more important than the teacher in the classroom.  I believe that at my core. And, I also believe that it’s those staff members in our offices, on our school buses, and helping to keep our facilities operating, that play critical roles in the experiences of our students and those in our community.

As we near the end of this school year we have many very important Worthington staff members who have decided to retire.  The past 15 months have been very difficult for our students and families but they’ve also been extremely challenging for our staff members.  One of the many disappointments of the pandemic year is that we haven’t been together and we haven’t held our normal retirement celebrations.  

We have a significant number of staff members who will retire at the conclusion of this school year.  They have invested their lives in striving to make a long-term positive difference in Worthington.  Liberty teacher Sara Dale is an amazing example of just that.  In her retirement letter she said:

“Having lived in the City of Worthington for nearly 54 years, the core of who I am is a reflection of the education and experiences my family and I enjoyed from living in this community.  A graduate of Evening Street Elementary School (’76), Perry Middle School (’78), and Thomas Worthington High School (’82), I have now been teaching at Liberty Elementary since 1988.  My mother, Polly Tewart and my brother, Jeff Tewart both dedicated their careers as teachers at Worthington Schools.   Currently my niece, Jennifer Schulze teaches kindergarten.  I suppose I followed in their footsteps and learned from them the importance of working with children and the impact a teacher can make for the community.        

Kindergarten Sara

It is now time for me to move on.  I am respectfully submitting my plans for retirement, effective the end of this school year.  I am as humbled and proud today as I was when I first accepted a teaching position 33 year ago.  My love for this community and my students will remain with me for the remainder of my days and I am thankful for the opportunities I had with Worthington Schools.”  

How cool is that.  Sara’s story is unique and yet everyone’s story is equally unique.  Over the last two weeks of school please work to celebrate those who have chosen to retire from Worthington Schools.  They deserve our sincere thanks and appreciation! – Trent Bowers, Superintendent 

Teaching Staff:

Jim Amstutz – Bluffsview

Monica Andryc – TWHS

Chris Brengartner – Wo. Park

Chuck Buford – WKHS

Cathryn Chellis – WEC

Sara Dale – Liberty

Bob “Bobby G” Galasso – TWHS

Judy Galasso – TWHS

Andrea Gratz – WKHS

Carmie Hazlett – Slate Hill

Drew “Art Man” Moffatt – Evening Street

Mary Ann Mowery – Slate Hill

Lori Povisil – TWHS/WKHS

Andrea Jewett – Wo. Estates

Tracy Roman – WKHS

Laurie Romeo – Bluffsview

Randy Ross – McCord

Jackie Schmittauer – Bluffsview

Pam Senek – KMS

Sharon Strock – Evening Street

Bev Wedell – WW

Lori Whitlach – Phoenix/McCord

Lori Wright – WKHS

Support Staff:

George Ayre – Slate Hill

Jackie Billman – Food Service

Garry Blinn – Facilities Maintenance

Lorrie Bright – Transportation

Scot Darby – Facilities Maintenance

Jeff Dutiel – Facilities Maintenance

Michael Gould – Facilities Maintenance

Paul Gray – Transportation

Bob Grossman – Transportation

Liane Hartsook – McCord

Deborah Johnson – Wilson Hill

Tammy Johnson – TWHS

Dave Litteral – Facilities Maintenance

Roch Litteral – Facilities Maintenance

Mary Mechenbier – TWHS

Mike Murray – Facilities Maintenance

Joe Norris – Technology Services

Elizabeth Pisaneschi – Colonial Hills

Kathy Roush – McCord

Dave Rumberger – Facilities Maintenance

Maureen Sullivan – Wo. Park

Administrative Staff:

Patrick Callaghan – WEC

Keith Schlarb – Technology

George Sontag – Transportation


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