Playgrounds, Turf, and Social Distancing

ET_dDmwWoAAnOuyIn Worthington Schools we’ve always attempted to be a good community partner by allowing our school facilities to be used by the community.  Thus our school playgrounds, tennis courts, running tracks and turf fields are open for community use whenever school activities are not utilizing the facilities.

When Governor DeWine issued the recent “Stay at Home” order he asked that all playgrounds be closed and that as people seek recreation they do so with appropriate social distancing.  In Worthington Schools we’re now attempting to be a good community partner by closing our facilities to the public.

All school playgrounds are closed.  The big-toys have been wrapped in caution tape and there is signage coming that will indicate that the playgrounds are closed.  In addition, we’ve begun removing basketball backboards because large groups of students and/or adults are gathering to play together on the courts and our facilities are being used in ways that don’t respect social distancing.

For the same reasons we locked the fencing surrounding our running tracks and turf fields.  While we would have chosen to leave the tracks open, large groups have been gathering on the turf fields and in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 we can’t allow our facilities to be used in this way. (Please be forewarned, many adults and students have been jumping the locked six foot fence to still get into the turf.  The gates are locked and thus, this constitutes trespassing. We’ve had to ask the police to regularly patrol the area.)

When this is all over our facilities will go back to being open for community use.  In the meantime we’re working as a school district to respect the order from Governor DeWine and to help flatten the curve.  Please seek recreation in ways that respect social distancing and please refrain from using school playgrounds.

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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