Sometimes Plans Change

Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.We’re still in the beginning of 2020.  It’s a new semester for our middle school and high school students and we have big plans for the new year.

Right before Christmas, my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  To do so we planned a quick get-a-way to Captiva Island for just the two of us. Many of you know that Captiva is off the northern tip of Sanibel Island bordering the Gulf of Mexico in the Ft. Myers, Cape Coral area of SW Florida.  Because Captiva is a north/south Island the beach faces directly west and thus it has some of the best sunsets anywhere in the world. As a kid, we vacationed in the Ft. Myers area and 21 years ago my parents purchased a condo in Ft. Myers where they spend 7 months of each year (they left Columbus January 2nd to head south).  My wife and I have made probably 30-40 trips to the area over the years but we had never actually stayed on Captiva.

We booked a beachfront room at a place on Captiva called Tween Waters.  It’s on a strip of land maybe 200 yards wide with the beach to the west and the bay to the east.  We pictured waking up and walking on the beach with our morning coffee, kayaking in the bay during the day and watching the sunset from the Mucky Duck while playing endless games of ring toss.  It was a nice picture.

Unfortunately the four days we booked in Captiva happened to be cold, gray, rainy and with high winds.  We arrived for our first evening in time for sunset. We instead saw gray clouds with a hint of pink somewhere behind the clouds.  When we awoke on day two the palm trees were blowing sideways on the beach and my weather app told me that winds were 25 mph. That same app showed me that those winds would continue at 20-25 mph for the next few days.  Walking on the beach was out in those winds. So was kayaking. The rain was coming.  

This wasn’t going as planned.  We called an audible. We checked out of the Tween Waters and moved inland to my parents’ condo.  The weather was still bad but we had a free place to stay. We had blankets to sit under as we watched The Morning Show on Apple + and we had restaurants that we enjoy nearby.  We had a great few days. It was a different few days than we had envisioned but in the end, we enjoyed our time relaxing at a place that is important in our family history.

As we begin 2020 we inevitably have big plans.  My guess is that some of those plans will come to fruition and for some of those plans we’ll need to call an audible.  Either way that will be O.K. Sometimes our best-laid plans fall apart and things are really good anyway.  

Enjoy 2020!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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