What’s that car doing there?

img_1853.jpgYou may have seen the incredibly wrecked car that is sitting at the entrance to the student parking lot at Thomas Worthington High School between the stadium and the Worthington Pools complex.  Several people have reached out to ask me what happened and why the car is there. Here’s the story:

In early December, two Thomas Worthington students were in a one car accident on Shrock Road.  These are two fine young men who I have known since they were in elementary school. My understanding is that the boys were driving at a rate of speed exceeding the posted speed limit and that because of that rate of speed when they hit a pothole in the road they lost control of the car.  The car flipped and as you can see in the picture hit a tree.

My understanding is that both boys were wearing their seatbelt and thus miraculously they not only survived the accident but did so without any life threatening injuries.  (Both boys were injured and will need to recover.)  

A family in the district reached out to TWHS Principal Pete Scully and asked if he purchased the car if we would be willing to display it for a while as a warning to other students to drive safely.  We wanted to make sure the families of the boys agreed with that before we proceeded but when they gave their permission we signed off on the idea.

Thus, the car sits at the entrance to the parking lot as a reminder to drive carefully.  When the teenage driver in my own home saw it yesterday for the first time she didn’t like that it was there.  She shared that she felt like it would bring up unnecessary trauma for those who are close to the students who were in the accident and she felt like adults drive as poorly as high school students do.  I think that both of her perspectives are valid and fair.

From my perspective when we’re young we’re more prone to think we’re invincible and drive as such.  Conversely, as we age we’re prone to irrational anxieties and fears. Like most everything in life if we could only find the balance.

You can drive very safely and carefully and still be in a serious car accident.  Not everything is in our control. But this accident is a good reminder to our students and all of us in the community that we need to take our time, drive as carefully as possible and wear our seatbelts.

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent




5 thoughts on “What’s that car doing there?

  1. Sue Hoffmannbeck says:

    I believe that it is a good learning opportunity. It’s a miracle that they survived and so very HAPPY that they did. Thank you God!🙏❤ Hopefully it will help anyone that sees this to visualize what can happen. It sends chills all through me when I see this when I drive by and also when I think about it. WOW!

  2. Suzan Singh says:

    Bravo Trent Bowers. I admire your willingness to think outside the box, and appreciate that in our community leaders.

  3. Lindsay Parsons says:

    I too had mixed feelings about this car being displayed on the HS lawn. First, I adore the 2 young men that were in the car at the time of the accident. Both are great boys and close friends of my older daughter. One is a former teammate of my son. Second, I didn’t like the immediate assumptions people were posting suggesting these boys were drinking and driving. I didn’t like the judgements being thrown. My kids were upset at the idea of being reminded of what happened to their friends. I absolutely agreed. However, when my kids came home from school today and said that both boys and their families gave permission…I became incredibly proud of them. Had to take a lot of courage to make a decision like this. They clearly have others interest at heart. Hopefully, this does help send a positive, educational message…Buckle up and Slow down. Too many young lives are being taken too soon. Thank God these young men are still here to share their experience…God clearly has big plans for them…I will be in their corner cheering them on. God bless these young men and their families.🙏🏻❤️

  4. Regina Malley says:

    I think this makes a profound statement. When I saw it yesterday I wondered about the back story but also thought that every HS could benefit from this in your face evidence. Years ago I recall that a similar display was erected during prom week remind our youth of the consequences of drinking and driving.

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