City, Schools & Pools – Part 2

poolWe’re hosting a community meeting this Tuesday evening (December 3rd) at 6:30 P.M. beginning in the auditorium at Thomas Worthington High School and concluding in the cafeteria at Thomas Worthington High School.  The meeting is designed to provide feedback both to the City of Worthington and Worthington Schools on future funding for the Worthington Pools.

Back in October Worthington Schools and the City of Worthington held a joint meeting of the Board of Education and the City Council.  One of the major topics on that October agenda was a presentation by the non-profit group Swiminc that operates both the indoor and outdoor Worthington Pools complex.  The Worthington pools have exceeded their operational life-span and thus Swiminc presented several options for the Board of Education and City Council to consider. At the conclusion of the meeting in October Board of Education President, Jennifer Best, and Council President, Bonnie Michael, asked the schools and city administration to host a meeting for community feedback.  

At our meeting Tuesday evening we plan to begin in the auditorium at TWHS because it is the best presentation space for both a screen and microphones.  Swiminc will provide an overview of the pool complex, it’s current assessment of the facilities and their plans for the future. Worthington City Manager, Matt Greeson, will provide the City’s perspective of the pools complex and I will provide the perspective of Worthington Schools.  We will then ask everyone in attendance to move from the auditorium to the cafeteria where participants can discuss their personal perspective with other meeting participants and we will capture everyone’s thoughts on paper so that the Board of Education and City of Worthington has the thoughts of those who chose to come to the meeting.  In addition, we’ll post all of those thoughts for the community to review on our Worthington Schools website.

Following the meeting in October I wrote the following blog post that attempted to explain the perspective of the school district.  In addition we commissioned Fallon Research to conduct a Pool Facilities Community Survey.  Paul Fallon presented the results of that survey to the Worthington Board of Education on November 25th.  

In the next few months the Worthington Board of Education and the City Council from the City of Worthington will need to decide on a course of action.  There’s no question that aquatics are important in this community. The current pools complex has served the community well for the past 40-50 years. Together we’ll need to decide what aquatics will look like and how we’ll fund aquatics for the next 40-50 years.  We’d love to see you Tuesday so you can provide your feedback.

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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