Proposed Feeder Changes pt. 2 of 2

MFP2From our historical records, we believe that from the time Bluffsview Elementary opened in 1990 they attended Perry Middle School.  When the district decided to close Perry in 2009 to save money during declining enrollment, Bluffsview students began to attend McCord Middle School.  Now in 2019, as student enrollment growth has occurred rapidly throughout the district, we expect the Feeder Pattern Committee will recommend that Bluffsview move back to the new Perry Middle School.

In our 2019 Winter Newsletter that was mailed to all homes in Worthington we outlined four tasks for the Feeder Pattern Committee:

  • Determine which elementary school will shift to WKHS – the committee has identified its top considerations for school selection: student diversity, travel time and distance to school and enrollment at each building.
  • Establish WKHS feeder pattern – reassigning which elementary schools feed into either Perry or McCord Middle Schools.
  • Establish TWHS feeder pattern – reassigning which elementary schools feed into either Kilbourne or Worthingway Middle Schools.
  • Make suggestions to ensure a smooth transition – implementation of communication and welcoming strategies, early enrollment for families and a possible grandfathering process for families.

On March 25th our Feeder Pattern Committee presented recommendations to our Board of Education (view the slide show here.)  The committee recommended that Slate Hill elementary move to WKHS.  That means that current 6th graders at Slate Hill will attend Worthingway for 7th and 8th grade but will then move to WKHS as 9th graders in the fall of 2021.  Over a number of years, we will see a balance between the schools.

Next fall the Feeder Pattern Committee will reconvene to determine which elementary schools feed to which middle schools.  

According to the committee’s current plan, students from Brookside and Bluffsview would move from McCord to Perry.  Students from Wilson Hill would move from Kilbourne Middle to Worthingway. Students from Slate Hill would attend either Perry or McCord depending on the plan selected by the Feeder Pattern Committee.  If Slate Hill attended McCord then Liberty students would be reassigned from McCord to Perry.

In addition, our new schools are to open in the fall of 2021.  We estimate that 35-40% of this year’s 5th-grade class will need to begin 7th grade in one middle school and then attend 8th grade in their new middle school.  For instance, a 5th grader at Bluffsview would spend 7 years at Bluffsview, one year at McCord, one year at Perry and then four years at WKHS. Finally, our current 4th graders and current 3rd graders at all elementary schools will exit elementary school the same spring (2021) and will be the first 7th graders and 6th graders at the middle schools district-wide.

As we open a fourth traditional middle school (Perry) and we move all of our middle schools to 6th-8th grade a level of change will occur.  Throughout our history in Worthington, elementary schools have fed to different middle schools. This change has happened before and now we’re preparing for it to happen again.  

Big things big, small things small.  Change has happened in large ways every decade for the past 50 years in Worthington.  It will happen again soon. Likely both on a district level and potentially on a personal level.  It will be O.K. It always is. Our focus in Worthington Schools is and always has been in taking care of our kids.  In making sure they have a trusted adult or many trusted adults who they know and cares about them and who believes in them. No matter where we teach kids.  No matter what our attendance lines, we’ll keep things in perspective. How we take care of our kids, how we build relationships with them, invest in their lives, and help them grow and learn to meet their potential, those are the big things.

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

This is post is part two of a two-part series.  Learn more about our plan at:


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