Happier than happy

SjannekeI’ve been lucky to be in Worthington Schools as an administrator in Central Office for 11 years now.  Back in 2009, I was working as the Coordinator of Human Resources and in that role, one of my main responsibilities was recruiting and selecting the highest quality teachers to serve our students.

It was in the spring of 2009 when I met a senior at Ohio University who was interested in becoming a special education teacher for Worthington.  We had a really positive initial interview and I marked her as someone we should look more closely at. Before my day at OU had concluded she had completed the online application and scheduled a second time to speak with me so that I knew she was interested and that all of her materials were complete in our system.  She was impressive and we didn’t dawdle. We hired her to teach in Worthington!

Fast forward 10 years and I’m the Superintendent.  Last week I had a meeting at the Worthington Education Center.  Typically in meetings when I choose my seat the seats closest to me remain empty.  As team members enter the room people typically choose seats as far away from me as possible.  (I’m hopeful this is more a positional issue and not a personal issue…) In Worthington, because our middle schools are last to dismiss when we hold after school meetings, middle school teachers are often stuck with the empty seats near me.  

Thus, this is how middle school teacher Sjanneke Baker ended up next to me at our meeting.  She was last to arrive. Sjanneke is the amazing teacher we hired from OU ten years ago and in talking after the meeting last week, she was telling me how happy she is as a teacher at Worthingway.  How lucky she is to work with colleagues who really care about students and to work for a supportive administrator who she has great respect for. She said “Trent, listen….I am happy. Happier than happy.”  

“Happier than happy.”  I don’t think we can ask for more than that.  As a district, we’re also “happier than happy” that Sjanneke chose Worthington and my hope is that as we recruit new teachers in 2019 we find more than a few who in 10 years are “happier than happy!”  

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

One thought on “Happier than happy

  1. Brenda Louisin says:

    Sjanneke was our son’s intervention specialist her first year at Worthington ten years ago. She is an extraordinary human and a huge treasure to our district. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. We are forever grateful to you Sjanneke Baker😊 You remain a lamp, a lifeboat and a ladder for so many students and their families.

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