Recognizing the Stars

SlateIn Worthington Schools, our first and last expectation for all staff members is to Be Kind to Kids.  Kindness is expressed in many different ways throughout the school district but it’s really about making sure we treat our students with respect, recognize them for their unique talents and value, and in making certain that every child in Worthington Schools has a trusted adult or many trusted adults who they know cares about them and believes in them.

Every day in Worthington our staff expresses this expectation in big and small ways.  Earlier this week a team of staff members from Slate Hill determined that they wanted to find a way to recognize students at their school who were learning and growing every day but may benefit from some special recognition.  The staff decided to do it “Publishers Clearing House” style. They all piled into a bus after school and they went to the home of the student. They knocked on the door, and together they congratulated the student, told them how special they are and provided encouragement.  Each student was given a “Slate Hill Star” helium balloon, a card from the staff and some yummy cupcakes.

As Superintendent it warms my heart to see our staff embrace our students in this way.  This is one act of kindness that I hope a student or parent remembers for a lifetime. Obviously, acts of kindness like this are awesome but not enough.  We need to see consistent acts of kindness repeated over time for every child in Worthington, but while not enough, acts of kindness like this do matter. They help brighten someone’s day.  They bring a smile. They hopefully add confidence to a student and that confidence propels them to continue to persevere in class and maybe take a risk they otherwise would have been too afraid to take.

Great work Slate Hills Stars!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent



Check out this video!


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