The NEW McDonald’s

McDonald's1Our Worthington Education Center is on E. Wilson Bridge Road.  When I’m providing someone with directions from High St. to our office I often say that it’s just past McDonald’s on the left.  For the past several months McDonald’s has been closed as they tore the old building down and rebuilt a new McDonalds on the same site.  

Before I worked at the Worthington Education Center I wasn’t sure if people in Worthington actually ate at McDonald’s.  I mean, I like a good Quarter Pounder with cheese and a large french fry with a Diet Coke. (If the drink is diet the entire meal is calorie free, right?).  I didn’t know anyone else who admitted to eating at McDonald’s so I didn’t tell people I liked it. But, when you drive by McDonald’s four times each day like I do you realize many, many, many people eat at McDonald’s.  The drive thru line alone is often out to Wilson Bridge Road.

When I heard that they were going to tear down the old McDonald’s I had a few thoughts.MDonald's2  First I thought, “that makes sense, the building hadn’t changed a bit since I was a kid.”  But, my second thought was, “really? Why tear down a McDonald’s? The food won’t change and will a new building really add business?”  Finally, there was a sense of nostalgia. In high school we used to go to McDonald’s every Saturday morning in the fall to get a few Egg McMuffin’s before watching football film of Friday night’s game.  I kind of liked that it never changed.

Well, last week the NEW McDonald’s opened and I’m lovin’ it!  I don’t know exactly what it is but it’s light, it’s designed in a much more user friendly way.  Traffic flows better with a redesigned drive thru. The food hasn’t changed but the updated space draws you in and it makes you want to go there.

In thinking about the new McDonald’s it makes me excited as we begin the design phase for our new middle schools.  I’m sure there are people who wonder how a new space could change school? Certainly there are others who, like me, have nostalgia for the old spaces.  But, in watching McDonald’s reinvent themselves on the same site, I’m doubly excited to watch us reinvent Worthingway, Perry, Kilbourne and McCord. On January 14th at our regular Board of Education meeting at 7:30 P.M. our architects and construction management team will begin to discuss plans for each site.  In late January we’ll be holding community meetings to get your input on the sites and what is possible. It’s going to be an exciting time. Like McDonald’s we’re going to reinvent some spaces to position Worthington for the next 50 years of education.

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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