Thinking about middle school pt. 2

McCord Middle 960In the fall of 1986 as an eighth grade student, I walked into the new McCord Middle School for the first time.  As a 7th grader in 1985 I had attended Perry Middle School and the new McCord building was revolutionary. It had wide colorful hallways.  The cafeteria was at least 30% larger than the Perry cafeteria and had round tables. The walls between classrooms could open so that teachers could collaborate or they could close and would be sound-proof.   The 74,000 square foot building on the 40-acre site was new and was designed differently than Perry and Worthingway had been in the mid 60’s.

Thirty-two years later McCord is still a great educational facility.  The design of that school has stood the test of time. As we embark on a redesign of Worthingway and Perry we’re attempting to make certain that the schools we build in 2020 also stand the test of time.

While we’re thinking about the academic design of our 6th-8th grade middle schools, we’re also thinking about the building design.  Over the past two months a team of Worthington Schools staff members, community members and students has met multiple times to go through a process to develop Educational Specifications for our building projects.  They discussed Site Standards, Sustainability, Technology and Safety. They’ve looked at trends in educational buildings in 2018 and discussed design principles for learning and the potential future trends in how teachers will deliver instruction.  

The goal of this collaborative educational specifications process is to create the desired community environment, learning environment and physical environment that will frame the design problem for our architects.  This Spring we expect our architects to render drawings consistent with the work of this committee.

If you’d like to learn more about the process check out our Middle School Education Specifications website at:

In Worthington, we seek and value community, staff and student input.  I’d like to thank the following Ed. Specs team members for investing a significant amount of time this fall to help on this process:

Angie Adrean, Josh Almanson, Jon Baird, Jordan Beck, Tate Beegle, Kim Brown, Patrick Callaghan, Katie Carey, Caitlin Christel, Ryan Dalcolma, Joe DeRuntz, Averie Eckstein, Robert Estice, Tom Fitz, Lisa Fuller, Jim Gaskill, Neil Gupta, Tami Hinz, Nikki Hudson, Kathleen Johnson, Bill Mosca, Sarah Mullen, Christopher Neil, Tom O’Leary, Michael Passella, Randy Ross, Bob Sheetz, Brian Scott, Alex Skura, Colleen Snyder, George Sontag, Robyn Stewart, Thomas Strous, Annie Wendt, Charlie Wilson, Jeff Eble, Randy Banks, Bob Darrow, Mike Dingeldein, Tim Gehring, Vicki Gnezda, Ashley Guzzo, Bill Mullett, Ashton Saber, Tony Schorr and Tracy Richter.

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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