Happy Thanksgiving Week! I have a task for you….

ThI grew up attending Worthington Hills Elementary School and hung out with a boy my age named Kyle Lucas.  Kyle was tall even in elementary school. He’d go on to play power forward/center on the Worthington High School basketball team and I backed him up at tight end on the high school football team.  Kyle now lives in Dublin and is the President of Capitol Tunneling.  

A few weeks ago Kyle’s mother’s home in Powell caught fire and the home was a total loss.  Thankfully there were no injuries. I’m a member of the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club and sadly, last week club member B.J. Stone tragically passed away in a house fire in her Muirfield home.  With this happening so close together, fire safety is at the forefront of my mind this holiday season.

As we’ve reached Thanksgiving week, one of my goals is to replace all of the smoke alarms in our house (my other goal is to finally attend to the ridiculous number of leaves I have ignored covering my yard).  We’ve been in our house now for 14 years and I installed smoke alarms at that time. Some years I remember to change the batteries at daylight savings time and some years I likely haven’t. Either way, most smoke alarms are only good for 10 years and they’re not the kind of thing most of us think much about once we’ve installed them.  Sadly, these two incidents remind me that I need to attend to our smoke alarms and I also need to replace the fire extinguisher we keep under the kitchen sink.

This Thanksgiving week we all have a great deal to be thankful for in Worthington.  I hope you enjoy time with friends and family. I hope Ohio State can beat Michigan and I look forward to seeing holiday lights spring up throughout town.  Thank you for trusting the children of Worthington to Worthington Schools. We’re glad you’re here!

With everything else going on this week, I have a task for all of you.  Please take a minute to check your smoke alarms and replace them if necessary.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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