You’ll see what you look for…

FiatLike many of you, my oldest daughter was in preschool (the green room at St. John’s) when we moved to Worthington.  Time flies! That same daughter has now completed driver’s education and will soon be a licensed driver.

For our family, having a third driver in the house necessitated looking at our vehicles.  We owned an 11-year-old minivan that was duct taped together and didn’t sound very good but was still running somewhat faithfully.  We also owned my F-150 super crew pick-up truck. None of our vehicles was a great vehicle for a teenage driver in the city, and thus when a friend posted a car for sale on Facebook, my wife and daughters decided they had to have it.

The vehicle was a little Fiat 500L.  I had never seen this car, but my family was familiar with it and thought it would be a great third car for driving around Worthington.  I Googled it. I read some reviews online about the car. We drove it. We had it assessed at CarMax. Eventually, we bought it. My family is happy, and I’m glad that the Fiat is small enough that it fits in our garage.  (Mind you fitting it into the garage necessitated a long day of actually cleaning out the garage but that could be a blog unto itself.)

Here’s the thing.  I’d never seen the Fiat 500 that we purchased before even though a friend of ours had been driving it around town and I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed another one on the road.  However, since we purchased it, I see them everywhere. There’s the blue one parked behind the Worthington Inn each day. There was a tan one parked in front of La Chatelaine last week.  I was behind a white one on High Street this morning. I’m sure they’ve been there all along, but in life “you see what you look for!” Because I’m looking for Fiats, I see them everywhere.  Previously I paid no attention to such cars.

“You see what you look for” can be applied to all areas of our life.  Are we looking for the good in others? Are we looking for things we can be thankful for?  Alternatively, are we looking for things to be critical of or frustrated by? What we look for we will find.

This week let’s commit to looking for the good in our teachers, coaches, and students.  Then let’s take a minute a share the good we see. You’ll see what you look for!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent

(BTW:  Many of you have asked, I did sell my truck.  I’m now driving a little eco-friendly Hyundai Elantra.  It allows us flexibility as my next daughter begins to drive and it’s much easier to park.)


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