How cool is that?

Isaiah.jpgOne of the things I cherish most about Worthington Schools is that we have a majority of employees who consistently go above and beyond for kids.  Now, let’s all recognize that none of us is perfect and it’s easy to find fault with everyone who teaches, coaches, or conversely parents our kids.  But all in all we have amazing people in Worthington who I am in awe of their dedication.

Most people know that I’m at the stage in my life where my three daughters are in Worthington Schools.  It’s often really valuable for me to see one side of things as the Superintendent and another view of the same thing as a parent.  This summer my sister and nephew moved to Worthington and so I’m now also an uncle of a middle school boy in Worthington Schools. It was in my uncle capacity that I recently found myself in July at a middle school 7 v 7 football tournament.

Now, as a dad of three daughters, none of whom play football, I didn’t even know these types of events existed.  I had read that 7 v 7 has become a thing at the high school level but had no idea these competitions had filtered down to seventh grade.  But, they certainly have and there were hundreds of kids, parents watching their kids, and the Kona Ice Truck was there so this is definitely a thing.

I’d been watching the competition for about an hour when I realized that standing down to my left on a hot July day was Worthingway athletic director Bill Mosca.  I had the same thought as I had on a cold rainy Sunday last May when I was at my daughter’s middle school girls lacrosse tournament: “what is Bill doing here? Seriously, this guy is amazing!”  In May, and then again in July, Bill was just out supporting our students. He didn’t need to be there for his job, neither day was a contracted work day, and yet, here’s Bill Mosca. Encouraging athletes, guiding young coaches and investing in our kids.  Setting an example for our young teachers on what it means to be an educator in Worthington.

I smile just writing this, because that embodies our people in Worthington.  Cold, rainy Sunday in May, they’re there. Hot, sunny day in July, they’re there.  Bill’s my example and he won’t like that I put the spotlight on him. But, as we welcome our 2018 new teachers to Worthington this morning Bill sets a standard for our Worthington culture.  How cool is that?

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

p.s.  That’s my nephew Isaiah in the picture above.  If you see him around welcome him to Worthington and please remind him to make good choices 🙂



MeilssaBy Ohio standards, Worthington is a very large school district.  Out of the over 600 public school districts in Ohio we are around the 25th largest in Ohio.  (And, we are one of the 10 fastest growing districts in Ohio.) What makes Worthington great is that even though we are a comparably large district we also can feel like a small community.  There are several places throughout our school district that I know if I go and spend time, I will inevitably see many people I know.

Recently I was meeting with some people in one of those places, Panera at The Shops of Worthington Place, when I ran into Dr. Melissa Conrath.  (Jack was with her too…) Melissa was a trailblazer as the first female Superintendent in the history of Worthington Schools. She was the person who gave me an opportunity to come to Worthington as an administrator and she admirably led Worthington Schools through some turbulent years with state funding challenges, consolidation of programs and necessary personnel reductions.

Melissa still lives in Worthington and is involved in education at The Ohio State University.  You’re certain to see her literally running through town and she’ll likely have paint on her hands from a home project.  I’m incredibly thankful that she is an ardent supporter of our school district and is someone who still provides me counsel when needed.  I have many Superintendent colleagues who struggle with former Superintendents in their community who create challenges. My experience with Melissa could not be further from that.  She is an invaluable resource to our school district.

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Melissa in Worthington.  I’m thankful to still have the opportunity to learn from Melissa and I’m thankful to live in a community where getting a cup of coffee inevitably leads to running into old friends.  I look forward to seeing you as we get coffee together soon!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent