kfriendsWe’re into the final weeks of the 2017-2018 school year in Worthington.  For our family this is a transition year. Our youngest of three children is finishing elementary school and will move to middle school next year.  We’ve been incredibly lucky as a family as we’ve been in the same house for the past 13 years. Our children have only attended one elementary school and this year will complete our family’s 11th year at the school.  

Many families in Worthington are lucky enough to have a similar story.  In cases like ours, our school has become an extension of our family. Many of the teachers at the school taught all three of our children.  Thus, over time we have built significant relationships. No doubt my children have shared stories about their dad that I would have liked to keep buried.  We’ve had phone calls and notes home for some positive reasons and some not so positive reasons. My one daughter went to school for her all important third grade reading assessment that would determine if she could be promoted to fourth grade without the glasses she needed to actually see the test.  Another daughter went to kindergarten one day without shoes on. (We didn’t notice until the school called.) I’m the Superintendent but one year my wife and I got our schedules crossed and we each thought the other was attending the parent teacher conference. No one actually attended. The school nurse has called home more times than we could remember.  One time my daughter forgot to hold onto the tire swing while in motion. The swing propelled her into the air and we ended with a very bloody face. Another daughter broke a finger in a spirited Nerf basketball game during indoor recess. Another daughter just liked to go down and talk to the office. We had to outlaw nurses visits so she would stay in class.

Over the years there have been more good times than bad.  We’ll leave the school with many fond memories but more than anything we’ll leave grateful to a group of adults who cared deeply about our children.  A group who dedicated thousands of hours to helping them build confidence in the classroom and outside the classroom. A group who put up with the craziness of our family and has become part of our family.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week throughout Ohio.  I will be forever grateful to the teachers in Worthington who everyday show up to make a long term positive difference in the lives of our children.  Teaching is much more difficult than those of us outside the classroom understand. In this transitional year for our family I’m able to step back and reflect a bit on our experience.  We’re blessed and I hope your family is having a similar experience.

Please take a few minutes this week and thank those who work with our children. They’re Worth It!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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