Happy Thanksgiving 2017

ThanksgivingAs we head into the Thanksgiving holiday we have lots to be thankful for in Worthington.  I’m thankful for our committed teachers and support staff who take seriously their role in making sure that every child in Worthington Schools has a trusted adult who they know cares about them and believes in them.  I’m thankful that our primary teachers focus on helping every child learn to read and I’m thankful at the secondary level that our teachers have embraced a new math curriculum resource and they’ve made the changes necessary in their classrooms to challenge all students to higher levels of growth.

I’m thankful that we have a fleet of bus drivers who drive over one million miles each year and are willing to begin and end their day in the dark and deal with inclement weather and traffic while having a remarkable record of keeping students safe.  I’m thankful for a food service team that continues to try and introduce more fresh and healthy options for our students while also operating the food service budget so that it is cost neutral to the general fund budget.

I’m thankful that we have a dedicated team of fifty community members who have met for fifteen months to create a long-term Facilities Master Plan that will help us manage our aging buildings, the need to balance our high school student population, and to make certain we have the capacity for all students.  I expect that plan to be presented to the Board of Education on December 11th.  

I’m thankful that families are choosing Worthington.  Our student enrollment has grown by approximately 1,000 students over the past five years and we’re predicted to continue to grow by another 800 students or more.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, Worthington is one of the top ten fastest growing school districts in Ohio.

Finally, I’m thankful for the amazing students who attend this school district.  We have students who volunteer their time to help others.  We have students who work daily to solve problems big and small.  We have students in Worthington who challenge us as adults to think differently, to be more culturally sensitive and to increase the rigor of our courses because they demonstrate the capacity to succeed at higher levels.  Our students excel in the arts and in athletics (5 state championships since May) and our students are sure to leave Worthington prepared to Change the World.

There is a great deal to be thankful for in Worthington right now!  I hope you have a great holiday with your loved ones.  

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent



VoteTuesday is voting day!  If you’re like me you’ve enjoyed the lead up to this election much more than our election last year.  If you’re wondering if it’s worth coming out to vote on Tuesday, I’d urge you to do so.  There are several important local items on this ballot and most important to Worthington Schools is our board of education election.

Worthington is a wonderful community that values public education.  I choose to work here and to raise my kids here for that reason.  We’re lucky in Worthington that we have extremely qualified candidates choosing to run for our board of education.

I’ve often wondered what I would think if someone in my own family wanted to run for a board of education  (hypothetically of course as my position precludes this option).  This is a critical role for our community but it’s often one that is thankless, comes with significant conflict, and requires an extreme amount of time.  Not only does our board meet officially two evenings each month but committee meetings, goal setting retreats, and school events in a school district with 19 schools takes an immense commitment.  I would hope that I would encourage my family member to pursue this endeavor but I’m not sure.  This role certainly takes away from time with family and friends.

In Worthington we have six candidates who are qualified and committed to our school district.  Incumbents Jennifer Best, Marc Schare and Sam Shim are running for re-election.  Challengers P.R. Casey, Nikki Hudson and Amy Lloyd are running for seats on the board.  

Board members make decisions on a wide range of issues, such as hiring and evaluating the superintendent and treasurer; setting district policy; planning student services; goal-setting and long-range planning; adopting curriculum; establishing budgets; engaging parents; being good fiscal stewards; acting in the best interest of the school district and within the scope of their legal authority; and creating community relations programs.

The board is a policymaking body and members are the chief advisers to the superintendent on community attitudes. Board members do not manage the day-to-day operations of a school district; they see to it that the system is managed well by professionals.

On Tuesday Worthington will fill three seats on the board of education.  You can learn more about the candidates in this ThisWeek Community News article or by referencing the Columbus Dispatch Voters Guide. Vote!

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent