Homecoming at Worthington Kilbourne

St.MyerIt’s Homecoming week at Worthington Kilbourne High School!  (Thomas Worthington celebrated their homecoming last week.)  Homecoming at Kilbourne stretches for several weeks.  Last weekend the students painted the windows in the cafeteria.  Each class paints a section and these turn into elaborate murals that stay up for several weeks.  (You should stop by and check them out.  Very cool tradition!)

Each day this week has been a dress-up day for the student body and for some of the staff.  Monday was PJ day, Tuesday 80’s day, Wednesday U.S.A. day, Thursday Beach day (school appropriate beach attire, as Superintendent I appreciate that they clarified this…) and Friday is a Pink Out.

Friday Night the Wolves Football team will host Hilliard Darby in the homecoming football game.  During that game, the homecoming court and the homecoming king and queen will be announced.  Saturday night will feature the homecoming dance to be held at the high school.  In Worthington, the homecoming dance is a dress-up affair and most students attend with a date or with a group of friends, pictures, and dinner before coming to the dance are the norm.

Most of these items are likely similar to the homecoming that you remember growing up.  In 2017 homecoming includes many students asking for dates with what they deem as “creative proposals.”  This trend is often attributed back to 2005 and a proposal to prom on an MTV show called Laguna Beach.  With our teens’ use of social media and their increasing willingness to share their lives publicly, homecoming and prom proposals have become a mainstay among American youth and, in Worthington, it’s no different.  (As a 44-year old I don’t love this trend.  It’s cute at times, but ultimately I’d like to see a person asked nicely and simply to a dance.  But, that said, most of our students are not asking for my opinion on the matter and thus, it is what it is.)

Homecoming week is a mainstay in our U.S. school culture.  Hopefully, it’s a fun, positive and safe week for our students.  Happy Homecoming Worthington Kilbourne!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


One thought on “Homecoming at Worthington Kilbourne

  1. Cecilia Burford says:

    I say leave the execution of HOCO invites to the kids. Fun, creative, even an ice breaker for some.

    Let’s stay in our lane and let this be the kids’ to manage. So many bigger things we can worry about!

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