A Uniquely Worthington Event

Processed with MOLDIVLast weekend we held our annual Worthington Wellness Warrior Run at Granby Elementary.  Over 1,400 Worthington students ran through mud, over obstacles and across the one mile course.  The Warrior Run is uniquely Worthington and the brainchild of our Granby Elementary team.  

Wilson Hill Principal Dan Girard attended the event.  I don’t believe Dan actually ran in the event (maybe next year…) but I thought his message about the event was worth sharing:

“As I watched the the children of Worthington participate in the Worthington Wellness Warrior Run,  it encouraged me to reflect on the great community in which we live.  Upon arrival to McCord Middle School and Granby Elementary school the grounds resembled a festival. Tents were set up, music was playing, banners and flags were alive in the wind.  After a few minutes of searching for a parking place, I created one next to the Granby Bike Park along with a few other warrior runners.  When I finally arrived to the starting line I paused to look around and take in the energy.  There, along with me, were 1,400 participants and an abundance of parents, grandparents, siblings, and volunteers eagerly awaiting to send off the next set of runners.  In this vast field of “warriors” waiting their turn to attack the obstacle course I recognized many of the Wilson Hill racers.   

While standing at the finish line it was evident that each participant persevered throughout the race.  They did their best and did not give up.  They showed responsibility and honesty by staying on the course and following the rules as they ran.  Each person was respectful to his/her competitor, helping and encouraging along the route.  One student had a mishap along the course.  I saw a student from another school show them compassion by stopping to see if they were alright or needed help.  At one point a racer offered his hand to another person giving her assistance over an obstacle.  Each and every person that participated and finished showed self-discipline by staying the course while having fun in the process!

It is easy to take pause and be thankful for Worthington and the Wilson Hill community when I see people from all walks of life come together.  Thank you for all you do to make Worthington and Wilson Hill an amazing place to raise a family.”

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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