“Our goal is to continually improve…”

HelpingOn September 14th the Ohio Department of Education will release district and school report cards for the 2016-2017 school year.  Our district, just like the hundreds of other districts across the state, is feeling the effects of a system that has changed the way it measures proficiency.  When the report card is released you’ll see Worthington receive grades ranging from A’s to F.  No matter what grade ODE provides us on an indicator we’ll never be satisfied. Our goal is to continually improve and see Worthington students succeed at higher and higher levels.

Our data from last year is very positive.  Worthington students continue to achieve at high levels relative to students across Ohio.  On average Worthington achieved 17% higher than the state overall.  But, let’s be honest.  We have a lot of advantages in Worthington and our students should achieve above the state average.

This year we showed improvement in 19 of the 23 academic achievement indicators.  The average improvement gain was 4.6%.  In addition we improved our performance index score by over 2.5% which indicates that students passed at higher levels than in previous years.  Beyond that in 2016-2017 we saw improved scores in our student subgroups.  Finally, more Worthington students took advanced courses such as AP, IB and College Credit Plus than in previous years.  

While the actual letter grades may be confusing our 2016-2017 report card saw improvements in every graded area.  We improved in Achievement, Gap Closing, K-3 Literacy, Students Prepared for Success, and the 4-Year Graduation Rate.  The one exception is our 5-Year Graduation Rate, which slipped slightly from 96.4 to 96.1.

As we work everyday in our classrooms to see improvement our continuous improvement plan focuses on four strategies.  

  • Creating a culture of empathy and support.
  • Increasing achievement in all content areas through development of skills in reading  informational text.
  • Increasing achievement in all content areas by developing skills in writing to make learning visible.
  • Increasing the level of cognitive rigor of instruction across all levels and areas of content.

When you step into our schools you’ll see these four strategies in every Worthington classroom at developmentally appropriate levels.  We feel like we’re absolutely on the right track with our students and if the State keeps the standards and assessments consistent year over year we believe we will continue to see increased student growth and achievement.

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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