We plan to view the solar eclipse together in Worthington

Solar EclipseSometimes when you have a unique learning opportunity present itself you need to maximize it.  In Worthington, we view the upcoming solar eclipse as this sort of opportunity for memorable learning to occur.

On the 4th day of school, Monday, August 21st, Worthington will experience a partial solar eclipse.  Starting at 1:04 pm the moon will pass in between the Earth and the sun.  By 2:30 pm, 86% of the sun will be blocked out.  There are many interesting observations reported from sun events including:

  • The leaves on trees will form thousands of “pinhole cameras” creating thousands of crescent shaped images of the sun on the ground below.
  • The temperature may drop a noticeable amount.
  • Birds have sometimes exhibited night time behaviors such as nesting or no longer singing.
  • Crickets may begin to chirp.

The last time such a solar eclipse passed over the U.S. was 1979.  The next time will be in April of 2024.  Seeing a solar eclipse where you live is extremely rare.  For many of our students, this may be the only eclipse they personally witness during their lifetimes.  

Worthington Schools has purchased 11,000 pairs of eclipse approved glasses for all of our students and staff to safely view the eclipse.  Our plan is to create grade level appropriate lessons around the eclipse and then as a school community, actually allow our students and teachers to view the eclipse.

Our Science Curriculum Leader, Brian Geniusz, has created a website to help everyone better understand the eclipse and eclipse safety.  The site also includes some lessons/activities our students may participate in.  The website can be found at www.worthington.k12.oh.us/eclipse.  Check it out.

Opportunities like this don’t come around very often.  We are going to maximize this one!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent

P.S.  All of our glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 filter guidelines for direct observation of the Sun.


3 thoughts on “We plan to view the solar eclipse together in Worthington

  1. Jeni Weisgerber says:

    Awesome! So glad the schools will be actively viewing and learning during this unique experience! #itsworthit

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