“Let’s review your flashcards…”


I don’t typically take the time to read the comics in the newspaper but the best comics often tell a story and their messages can be poignant.  So it was with this Sally Forth comic where the essential message from the student was, “I’ll remember you because you invested your time in me.  I noticed.  Thank You!”

We’re transitioning to summer mode in Worthington and as such my daughter began her summer math tutoring last Thursday.  My daughter needs to keep using mathematical practices and we didn’t want her to experience a “summer slide.”  As a family, my wife and I decided it would be best if our daughter was tutored by someone outside of our home.  Even though my wife is a teacher by trade and has taught middle school math, we felt like attempting to get our daughter to do the necessary work with us was going to be nearly impossible.  Like many kids, she just doesn’t want to do what mom and dad want her to do.  So, we went out and found the best possible math tutor who would certainly have more influence with our child than we as parents do.

The cool thing is, for at least week one, it worked.  On Thursday our daughter woke up and said, “I have math today!”  Now, when I say, “let’s review your flashcards” she usually says, “um…I’m watching Netflix or, I need to go workout…”  But, in this case, our daughter woke up excited to go to math tutoring.  Why?

I don’t believe math has anything to do with my daughter’s excitement.  I believe she’s excited because she’s going to work with a teacher that she knows cares about her.  A teacher that will talk with her about gymnastics and a teacher who, despite being close in age with her parents, is simply way cooler than her mom and dad.

Sally Forth has it right.  My daughter is excited to go to her math tutor because the teacher involved has invested in her life and because of that investment I believe my daughter is excited to spend time with her.  That’s worth paying for.  (That and less fighting over math flashcards and Netflix time in our house.)

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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