You can get there from here!

chloeOn Sunday we’ll hold our official commencement exercises for the Worthington Schools class of 2017.  Over the past several weeks we’ve held several senior recognitions and it’s always amazing to see our students grow and mature.  Each student has a unique story and all have bright futures!

In Worthington we say that “you can get there from here!” And you can.  We have students who will go off to academic powerhouses such as Yale, Duke, Cal. Berkeley and The U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  Many of our students will attend the honors program at Ohio State and several of our students will attend my alma mater, Taylor University (It’s my blog and thus my shameless Taylor U plug.  Trojan Pride!).  

In addition to these traditional options, one of our students has already been accepted to medical school and will attend a joint Youngstown State and Northeast Ohio Medical University program where she will graduate with her MD in just six years.  Several other students will attend Columbus State, work at Honda of America and eventually earn their engineering degree from Miami University all debt free while drawing a significant salary.  A few of our students chose to forgo their graduation ceremony and are already in boot camp serving our country.  The options are endless for our students today.

Friday night I was able to attend the recognition ceremony for our students at Worthington Academy.  Worthington Academy is a school designed for students who struggle with traditional school.  Never have I been so proud of a group of students and proud to play a small part in a school district that values and supports different than I was on that night.  (Make sure you check out the video above.) I was amazed by our student performances and heartened to see that even though high school was difficult for many of these students, they see a future ahead of them and a path to lifelong success.

Today there is no one size fits all.  Our high schools are designed with multiple pathways to fit student needs and interests.  Linworth Alternative and Worthington Academy provide significantly different options for kids.  But no matter what pathway a student chooses, you can get there from here! Worthington will help you find your path and you’ll be prepared to go out and change the world!

Congratulations to the class of 2017!  On Sunday we’ll welcome you to the club of the over 40,000 living alumni of Worthington Schools!  Go change the world!

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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