Learning didn’t stop over break

K. HallWe have only 25 school days until the class of 2017 graduates at the Columbus Convention Center on Sunday May 21st.  It’s a sprint towards the finish of the 2016-2017 school year.  Hopefully you had some opportunity to enjoy Spring Break last week.  The grass is growing in Central Ohio and it does finally feel like spring in Worthington.

While some of our students, teachers and families were out of town over break, many others were here in Worthington.  On a rainy Tuesday over Spring Break, Math teacher Kevin Hall had five students in his classroom working on mastering some difficult material. He patiently sat on a desk talking to one student about parabolas while the other four worked independently. Two of the students said they are in the class to stay eligible for spring sports and Mr. Hall offered his break to help. While others in class were taking time away to refresh for the end of the year, Mr. Hall reached out to parents and students setting up individual times for students to come into school and work on their math.

This type of thing happens regularly with Mr. Hall. You will see him at school on Saturdays with students providing the support they need to be successful in his class and beyond. After going home after the school day, Mr. Hall will often return to the building at 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. to record a lesson. He will post these recorded notes online so in class he can spend his time working with students individually or in groups. There are countless examples of his dedication to students and families.

Kevin is unassuming. He does not seek accolades or credit. He won’t appreciate this blog post but he works tirelessly to improve his craft for one goal – helping students learn. His efforts, like the efforts of many of his Worthington colleagues, give kids confidence and a belief in themselves. He is a trusted adult for many kids and in Worthington we believe that every student should have a trusted adult who they know believes in them and cares about them. Kevin helps make his school and our school district a special place for students and families. On a rainy Tuesday over Spring Break, Mr. Hall was making a difference.

Let’s make it a great month and a half of school!  Happy sprinting!

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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