It’s Magic…

booksAs the Superintendent of Schools there are some things that I should understand how they work that my 43-year-old brain just can’t seem to comprehend.  One of those items involves the Worthington Library.

The Worthington Library system is an awesome, amazing library system that all residents in the Worthington School district have access to. They’re great to work with as a school district and just as great to work with as a private resident of Worthington.  

When my wife and kids traveled to Indiana for the holidays I stayed in Worthington because I needed to be in the office.  On Wednesday I was in my office when my sixth grade daughter sent me a text.  She told me she had finished the book she was reading on the car ride over to Indiana and asked if I could send another one in the series she was reading to her Kindle.  I had a few spare minutes and thus I did it right then.

I access the library primarily today via their website.  When I go to the site my user info and password is already stored there via Google Chrome.  (This is not a good practice for security, but really, who hacks library passwords?  And there are so many passwords to remember these days.)  I access most digital books on their Digital Downloads portal.  Two clicks and I was in the Worthington site and in Digital Downloads portal.  I typed the author’s name I was looking for into the search function.  His books came up and it showed which ones were available now.  I looked at a few book summaries and clicked the borrow button.  I had checked out two books.  I checked them out as Kindle books and with one more click I sent the two books to my daughter’s Kindle.  Finally, I sent a text to my daughter telling her the books were on her Kindle.  She replied with a smiley face and a heart.  (I think that is good!)

Total time for this entire process, 3 minutes.  In 3 minutes I exchanged texts with someone 200 miles away and sent two library books to her in Syracuse, Indiana.  I have no idea how that all works.  No idea, but it is awesome!  There are literally thousands and thousands of books available to Worthington residents wherever they are, whenever they need them.  As a school district we know that reading may be the most important thing a child can do.  The Worthington Library system helps allow that to happen even if I, the Superintendent of Schools, has no idea how it works.

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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