Kids Today!

kids“Kids today!”

For my generation that phrase is often uttered in frustration as we share all of the ways that kids today don’t measure up to those amazing kids who grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Kids today spend way too much time on their electronics.  (Go out and play!)  Kids today are spoiled by their super soft cotton and moisture wicking Under Armour clothing.  (No one cuts off their sleeves anymore.  They’re too nice to cut-up!)  Kids today expect things to be given to them instantly and they have no attention span. (Back in the day you actually had to go to a store to purchase something…)  Kids today do this, and do that….Kids today.

As we grumble about kids today and fret that the next generation may be the generation that finally ends the United States as we know it, I’m certain that our parents’ generation had similar concerns about us and our grandparents’ generation likely had similar concerns about our parents.  The crazy thing is that while kids today are certainly different than kids from previous generations, from the interactions I get to see with kids, I think that difference is likely better.

Kids today are much more accepting of one another than kids were in my generation.  Statistically, our kids today engage in less risky behavior than what kids did 20 years ago.  Kids today are much more engaged in causes such as social justice and the environment, and they are motivated by more than making money.  Kids today are connected with one another, but that connection allows them to build cohorts of friends that cross school attendance lines.  Kids today are really pretty awesome.

The week before school ended for the holiday break we had bitter cold temperatures.  One day we hit -14 with windchill.  On those days, being outside is difficult even for short periods of time.  Our crossing guards are outside for an extended period of time and extreme cold is really tough to deal with.  On the day of the -14 windchill our crossing guard for Wilson Hill Elementary, Jeff Kauderer, was dressed in many layers of clothes.  He was still freezing but determined to do his job and keep our students safe.  From behind a young lady tapped him on the shoulder.  When he turned around, he was surprised that she was holding a steaming cup of hot chocolate that she had brought out just for him.  She simply said, “I thought maybe you could use this.”  

That’s kids today.  They care about more than themselves and they’re always doing things that surprise us – In a good way!  In 2017 let’s work to see the good in all our our kids.  Happy New Year!

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

One thought on “Kids Today!

  1. Holly C Antonelli says:

    I love this post so much! I have been saying this myself ever since I re-entered the teaching profession after almost a decade off. I think that today’s students are amazing! They are kind and sensitive, self-aware, and empathetic. And they are confident! I love seeing them grow and I can’t wait to see how they change the world for the better.

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