Forward Progress


On Sunday I heard a speaker say that what he was most thankful for this week was forward progress.  It took me a second to catch on but in football forward progress is a player’s forward momentum when carrying the ball, which is used to determine the spot of the ball when the play ends and where the next play will begin.  In Saturday’s Ohio State v. Michigan game Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett was awarded a first down based on his forward progress on a crucial fourth and one run in double overtime.  The Buckeyes won the game on the very next play.

Forward progress is not just applicable to football.  A major part of accomplishing a significant goal is just about making forward progress.  Thus, I’m happy to report that as a school district we’re making forward progress on our Master Facility Planning Process.  In September we held three community meetings and administered an online survey to gauge community expectations for this process.  In October and November our facilities planning community task force met to review community expectations and to design an educational framework and questions to ask the community.

Our next step in this process is to ask you to attend one of our community meetings next week: Monday, December 5th at TWHS or Wednesday, December 7th at WKHS (meetings are a repeat of the same information so you can choose which one to attend and they will begin at 6:30 P.M.)  During the meetings we’ll be soliciting community feedback on a variety of educational topics such as school size, grade configuration, community tolerance for boundary changes, program delivery, etc…  Our facilities task force will then use the information provided by the community to guide the creation of potential options that could be considered.  We want you to be part of this important process that will impact our Worthington community for generations to come.  

We’re excited that we’re making forward progress.  We hope you’ll choose to partner with us this month and help us move a little further ahead.  You can find more information about next week’s meetings and the entire planning process at

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent

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