twfhOn what was a beautiful fall Saturday afternoon much of Worthington traveled south to Upper Arlington to watch the Thomas Worthington Girls Field Hockey Team capture their second consecutive Ohio High School State Field Hockey Championship by beating Shaker Heights High School 3-0.  The team went back-to-back!  This is the 5th State Field Hockey Championship for Thomas Worthington with the previous championships coming in 2015, 2011, 2007 and 1988.

As I watched these young ladies compete I saw a group of girls who prove that you can be scholars in the classroom and fierce on the field.  When my own daughters were in primary school we would sometimes walk with them to school and often a young Emma Anderson would bound out of her house, backpack in hand, and also head to the elementary school.  Emma has a perpetual smile on her face and my girls couldn’t help but look up to her.  On Saturday, that continued as the little girl with a great smile completed her senior season with a state championship.  

In third grade my oldest daughter played Worthington Youth Booster Field Hockey.  The Field Hockey Director at the time was Rob Mertz.  He taught us how to buy the correct stick and which goggles were the approved ones.  At that time Stephanie, his daughter, was in middle school.  Like Emma, on Saturday we were able to see Stephanie celebrate her senior season with another championship.

Thomas Worthington Sophomore Althea Chan lives up the street from our home.  When I went to a game early this season I couldn’t believe that Althea was a Sophomore and more I couldn’t believe how good she was at Field Hockey.  It was an incredible joy to watch our neighbor win her first State Championship.

It’s always fun to win!  It’s special when a team commits to “Do the Work” and that work is rewarded.  But, win or lose it’s special to get to watch a community come together to support a group of students.  It’s great to watch our little girls mature into young ladies and it’s fun to see their dad’s sweating it out in the stands (I’m talking about you Hanson Perese and Mark Huber….)

Thomas Worthington went back-to-back and that’s a significant accomplishment!  I’m sure next year there will be stiff competition from Academy, Liberty, Watterson and from Worthington Kilbourne, but I wouldn’t want to play this team next year either.  An offense led by Sarah Charley and Maya McDaniel and a defense led by Paige Lampman and Isabelle Perese will be a formidable group.  But next year is for another time.  Today we say congratulations ladies.  You did it again!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent

P.S.  Worthington Kilbourne Boys Lacrosse, we’re expecting you to go back-to-back too!  Just sayin….


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