Happy August!

AugustIt’s been a good summer.  We’ve been to the beach, we’ve spent long days at the Worthington Pool and we’ve spent nights around the fire pit and forgotten about bed times.  But, at least in our house, there are three girls ready to go back to school.  They may not admit it, but they’ve had a little too much together time and they’re getting a little (maybe a lot) grouchy with one another.  

Happy August!  In Worthington Schools it’s the most wonderful time of the year!  In just 16 days we’ll welcome around 10,000 students back to school.  School officially begins in Worthington on Wednesday, August 17th.  Our fall sports officially begin today.  You’ll see football teams and field hockey teams on the practice fields and you’ll hear our marching bands on the front lawns of our high schools.  Our school offices will all be open this week and over the next two weeks there will be schedule pick-ups, back to school ice cream socials, and  open houses.  We’re back!  I hope you’re ready for a great school year!

As you begin to plan for this upcoming year there are a few quirks to our school calendar you should plan for.  The first is that Worthington will be in school (K-12) on election day, Nov. 8th.  Many area school districts will take this day off.  After working with the Franklin County Board of Elections we have been able to move voting out of all of our elementary school buildings.  Voting will occur at Worthington Kilbourne High School, Thomas Worthington High School and Phoenix.  We believe that those facilities can manage voting on that day.  To be extra careful, we will have a police officer on campus to make sure it is a safe environment.  We’re excited by this change because it allows us to continue with a five day school week and also to support the democratic process.  

Spring Break is late this year.  We’re scheduled for Spring Break the week of April 10th – April 14th.  This aligns with the Easter holiday but it’s later than is ideal for those who participate in Spring sports and is fairly close to the end of our school year.  Our students graduate on Sunday, May 21st and the last day of school for everyone else is Wednesday, May 24th.  

You can access this year’s district calendar here.  You’ll also want to access individual back-to-school dates at our district website.  Can’t wait to see you soon!

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


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