Vision Statements

palm-card-front-rev01bThis is part 2 of a blog detailing the Mission and Vision of Worthington Schools…

The goal of the process for developing vision statements is to clearly identify the values that will guide decision-making and the work of the district.

The vision statements describe how we will get the mission accomplished.. In other words, the vision breaks down key areas of focus and guidelines for each area. The vision provides inspiration for completing the daily work and decision-making in the district.

In order to create the vision a community steering committee was assembled.  This team was made up of parents, engaged community members, board of education members, teachers, administrators, support staff and recent graduates of Worthington Schools.  There were 40 people who met throughout October and into November in order to set the direction for the new vision.

In Worthington we have four vision statements:

  • We will engage each student with diverse opportunities to maximize every student’s potential.

Goal: work with each student in a way that maximizes their potential.  We will strive to create personalized learning opportunities and connect with each student’s interests so that they grow and excel.

  • We will provide a safe environment where every student can grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Goal:  provide a safe environment both physically and emotionally.  We’ll work to make certain every child knows they have a trusted adult who believes in them and who cares about them.  We’ll strive to help our students interact with one another in positive ways both in person and in a digital environment and we’ll work with our community partners to make this happen.

  • We will provide consistent communication and promote dialogue with our community.

Goal: communicate with our 60,000 residents of the Worthington Schools community about  important issues and work to solve problems collectively.

  • We will be responsible and transparent with our community’s resources.

Goal:  utilize the resources provided to the district in efficient and effective ways.  We will work to educate the community on how their tax money is spent.

As a Worthington Schools community we will work to implement each of these guiding statements into our daily work.


-Trent Bowers, Superintendent



One thought on “Vision Statements

  1. Kathryn Burris says:

    my grandchild made the draw in today’s lottery for all day learning in evening streets kindergarten program …. but other families weren’t so lucky. It seems to me that common sense indicates when there are families standing in line to participate in opportunities like all day kindergarten class or programs like Phoenix, it is our responsibility as a community of learners to take note. Building administrators, central office staff and central office administrators need to roll up their sleeves and ask…” How can we get this done for our students?” Moving the sixth graders helped but there needs to be more done. Let’s think creatively, let’s look again at options offered and let’s figure it out so every student who wants to learn all day at kindergarten gets that opportunity in the coming school year. Whatever it takes….It really is worth it.

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