The Mission of Worthington Schools

palm-card-front-rev02At our February 24th State of the Schools event we unveiled our new mission statement for Worthington Schools:  

To empower a community of learners who will change the world.

In order to create the mission a community steering committee was assembled.  This team was made up of parents, engaged community members, board of education members, teachers, administrators, support staff and recent graduates of Worthington Schools.  There were 40 different individuals who met throughout October and into November in order to set the direction for the new mission.  

The goal of the process for developing a mission was to clearly identify why we exist.  From the beginning we felt the mission should be short and memorable. It should answer these two questions:  

Why do we exist?  

Who do we serve?

I’m excited about our new mission statement because it clearly sets the goal for the organization.  It reminds us that we serve a “community of learners.”  This is larger than the 9,800 students currently in our school district.  It encompasses our 1,200 staff members and all 60,000 residents of the Worthington School District.  We are continually learning and growing together.  Our schools must play a central role in this learning.

In addition, our mission is to develop students who will “change the world.”  To some this phrase is audacious.  But, in truth, it’s the goal.  Our job as a school district is not only to help our students learn academic content knowledge.  Academic content knowledge has become a commodity as our smartphones now have more information at our fingertips than could ever be learned or recalled.  We know that excellence in education is more than a data point or a grade on a report card.  Excellence in education is in helping our students develop into young adults who can process information, collaborate with others, innovate, communicate, overcome adversity, and have a sense of purpose and direction.

We want our students to leave Worthington Schools and make a difference in the world.  They’ll each be prepared to literally change the world.  But, changing the world happens in big and small ways.  Some will go off and start companies, go into politics or write the next great novel.  Others will choose to serve their community as educators or to serve their families as parents.  Each will be prepared to have a positive influence and in their own way change the world around them.

As a school district this mission clarifies for us what is important.  It reminds us that everything matters: co-curricular participation, career counseling, work partnerships, art, music, physical education and rigorous classroom learning.  Our goal is not simply the graduation or college admission of our students  but it’s in helping our young people develop into well-rounded global citizens who are confident enough to go forward and accomplish their dreams.

In Worthington Schools we’re committed to empower a community of learners who will change the world.  That’s our mission!

Our students describe it best.  Check out this video:

-Trent Bowers, Superintendent


This is part one of a two part blog series on our Mission and Vision.


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