Groundbreaking Educational Programs

Last week we released our latest video titled “Worthington Schools Groundbreaking Educational Programs.”  The video highlights unique educational options available in Worthington Schools that are not available anywhere else in Ohio or even in the United States.  These choice options, Phoenix Middle School, Linworth Alternative Program and Worthington Academy are critical components to the educational program we provide our community in 2016.

Worthington is a school district that was built on uniqueness and choice.  We like to say we don’t have “cookie cutter” schools and that we value the original and unique communities that are created at each of our schools.  Our programming is not the same at each school but instead it’s designed to meet the unique needs of that school population.

What we do in Worthington is messy.  Choice begins for families with our kindergarten options.  It continues at middle school and explodes once your child reaches high school.  We believe that to engage our students appropriately we must attempt to provide the most possible students with the best possible environment for their learning needs. Unfortunately choice can create stress for our families and while many get their very first choice, it’s impossible to create programming that is both fiscally responsible and provides everyone with their first choice.  Thus, choice is messy.

But…it’s our beautiful mess. It’s who we are in Worthington Schools.  There are many great school districts throughout central Ohio that make certain each school is essentially doing the same thing, in the same environment, with the exact same resources.  They’re doing exceptional work, but in Worthington our philosophy is different.  We’re O.K. if one school offers morning gymnastics and another offers after school archery.  We’re O.K. if one school has an International Baccalaureate program and another school a Business Academy.  We love it when our students access multiple programs to create the perfect day for their needs.  (I recently talked with a mom whose son attends Delaware Area Career Center in the morning, attends Worthington Academy in the afternoon and goes to Thomas Worthington High School for band.  I spoke with another parent whose child attends Linworth for most of her day, takes a class at Worthington Kilbourne and another class at Ohio State.)  This is what school looks like today.  And, while it can be uncomfortable we believe it’s critical that we offer and protect the unique options our students have in Worthington.

If you haven’t taken a few minutes to watch the video, please check it out!

  • Trent Bowers, Superintendent



One thought on “Groundbreaking Educational Programs

  1. Susan Jacobs says:

    I am a successful product of the mess, having graduated Linworth in 1981. My children are just beginning to navigate the system with a freshman and a child in sixth grade. Worthington is diverse and realizes not one size fits all. It is organized chaos with scheduling, but it works. The students love having options and the best part is they can change in midstream. If the students took one path there are enough options to change the course if the first path wasn’t a good fit. The flexibility and fluidity of the education system in Worthington is why there are so many second and third generations attending the same schools.

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