Still Going Viral

0The Internet can be an amazing place.  Sometimes that’s a good thing (read on) and sometimes not so much (see: We Don’t Need Yik Yak in Worthington).  Recently, a story from Worthington Schools in 2012 made the rounds on Facebook and other social media sites.  It seems that many people saw this story for the first time in 2015.  A website called Liftable featured the story and it was shared with me by several friends from across the country.  Likewise,our Board of Education received the following email from a citizen in Maryland who has no connection to Worthington.  The email was titled “Proud of Colonial Hills Elementary”

I live in Maryland, and I just saw the video of the field day at Colonial Hills Elementary where the coach, then the students, fell in to support Matt, a student with cerebral palsy running a race.  I don’t know how old that video is, but everyone in that video demonstrated true character and showed what it means to be part of a community.  Everyone matters, and they demonstrated that finishing the race is more important than winning the race.

I know that video is going viral, and that’s a good thing. Colonial Hills Elementary is showing America and the world the right way to act. I wish you all the best and please pass on my appreciation to the staff and students of Colonial Hills Elementary School.

The story originally garnered significant attention in June of 2012.  CNN, The Today Show, Inside Edition, NBC 4 and even ESPN was in Worthington to show the amazing story of our kids at Colonial Hills.  I blogged about it twice in Coach Blaine and Worthington Has Amazing Kids.

If somehow you have missed this story, Matt is a physically challenged student who was at Colonial Hills Elementary who during field day inspired us all with his effort and determination.  Amazingly without prompting, the rest of the Colonial Hills student body joins in to cheer on their classmate.  The video is a testament to Matt and all of our kids.  It warms the heart just to watch it.

Obviously the star of this story was Matt and our kids.  Playing a supporting role was the Physical Education teacher, John Blaine.  In the video you see John pushing Matt, encouraging Matt, and challenging Matt, to keep working hard.  Anyone who knows John knows that this is what he does everyday.

The really cool thing about Worthington is that while this particular video went viral, the contents were not a one time occurrence.  One of the best things about Worthington Schools in 2015 is that our district is a melting pot of kids and families and we’ve become an inclusive community where it’s O.K. to be different.  Many of our students who were at Colonial Hills for this field day in 2012 will begin as freshmen at Thomas Worthington High School this August.  They’ve grown a bit since they were sixth graders, but they’re the same great kids who support one another and treat everyone as equal.

It’s fun to see a great Worthington moment continuing on in cyber space.  It’s even better to have an opportunity to interact everyday with our kids in Worthington and to partner with our families to make certain Worthington is a great school district for all students.  As we plan for the 2015-2016 school year that is our mission.  Make Worthington a great place for all kids. Only 51 days until kids return to class!

– Trent Bowers, Soon to be Superintendent

p.s.  If you didn’t see it, the ESPN feature on this story was just amazing.  Check out “Run with Me by ESPN


2 thoughts on “Still Going Viral

  1. Kim Troutner says:

    My son Kyle went to Colonial Hills and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. He sent me a very excited text two months ago when he was watching the news and this story aired “From the United States, the state of Ohio.” He has such fond memories of his elementary school years, particularly of Mr. Blaine, and was amazed to see his home town school on the news in Japan!

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