“Nothing is more important than the teacher in the classroom!”

Bill-Wolford-HeadshotNothing is more important than the teacher in the classroom!  That’s a statement I believe without question.  It’s the teacher that works to build a positive relationship with each student.  It’s the teacher that creates engaging, personalized lessons that allow all students to grow more than the expected year of growth.  It’s the teacher that shapes a diverse group of students into a cohesive functioning unit.  It’s the teacher that makes the difference now and long into the future.

As an administrator in Worthington Schools, I have a unique perspective into the work ethic, commitment, and professionalism, of Worthington teachers.  As a parent in this school district my family has been forever blessed by the teachers who work daily with my children.  As a graduate of Worthington Schools my life has literally been changed by Worthington teachers.

Teachers make the difference.  In my life Bill Wolford was one of those difference makers.  Since 1980 Bill has been impacting students at Worthington Hills Elementary in the classroom and on the athletic fields at Worthington High School, and for the past 23 years at Worthington Kilbourne.

A young Bill Wolford connected with me unlike any other teacher I had experienced.  He took time in the classroom to help me achieve, but he also took time on the playground to teach us lacrosse.  As a young man, I purchased my first lacrosse stick from Bill (a red Brine Superlight 2).  I was hooked and that connection would provide me motivation throughout middle and high school to focus to some degree on academics.

After graduating from college and becoming a teacher in Worthington, Bill again connected with me and took me under his wing.  His role as a teacher and mentor did not end with me in the 80’s, it continued into the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  My story with Bill is not unique.  Hundred’s and hundred’s of former students and athletes would tell the same story about Bill.

A great teacher is not only a great teacher for the school year.  Our teachers create a connection with students that lasts a lifetime.  This week is teacher appreciation week.  I’m thankful for teachers like Bill Wolford and his over 700 colleagues throughout Worthington who work hard everyday to make a positive difference in the lives of Worthington students.  Our teachers are not only working to help all of our students become college and career ready.  They’re working to help our students become “life ready” with a combination of academic skills, grit, determination and perseverance.  Likewise many of our teachers are making a commitment that their guidance, support, and help, doesn’t end when the school year does.  It lasts a lifetime.

Please take a minute and thank a Worthington teacher this week!  They’re worth it.  Nothing is more important than the teacher in the classroom!

-Trent Bowers, Assistant Superintendent


3 thoughts on ““Nothing is more important than the teacher in the classroom!”

  1. Allie Seiling says:

    Bill Wolford has had a huge impact on me as both a student and now as a teacher. Bill was my teacher when I was in sixth grade and is now my teaching colleague. Bill has taught me so much about how to be a good educator, has provided invaluable advice, and has supported me and my decisions as a teacher. Bill educates the whole child, he cares deeply about kids and helps them to become productive citizens.

    I am blessed and honored to work with Bill.

    Thank you Bill for your service and dedication to the teaching profession! You have had a significant influence on my life.

  2. Stephanie Riedmiller says:

    In 1982 an impressionable college freshman began her pursuit of a teaching career at Worthington Hills and, from afar, observed a young Bill Wolford in action. Little did he know that he was being watched and that his love of teaching and the way he interacted with his students would make a difference in the life of that 18 year-old. That young person was me, and thirty-three years later, he still inspires me! For the last six years, I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching 6th grade with Bill at Worthington Hills. His enthusiasm for teaching has never waned and his child-centered approach to the profession is first and foremost. Thank you Bill for all that you do and congratulations on a successful and remarkable career that has spanned 35 years.

  3. Ann Wolford-Connors says:

    I am one of 8 children of the Wolford family. It is no surprise to me that Bill is an outstanding teacher, mentor, friend. He was one year older than me and excelled in every thing he did. I always admired him for his drive and the many friends he had and always want to be like him. Thanks Bill for the gift you give us all. Love ya

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