A Technology Revolution – Part 5

imagesPCNCXBCZWhen my kids pick-up a new device they somehow just know how to use it.  In our home we have a PC laptop, a Macbook, a few IPads and sometimes I bring home a chromebook that I use at work.  Before I know it I’ll have three kids on the couch all on a different device doing who knows what.  They’ve never been trained in any of the devices but they have no fear and somehow they always find ways to change my preferences and set-up which takes me no less than five hours to figure out how to change back.

While kids are digital natives many of us as adults need training.  Thus as we created our three year technology plan professional development and training was a major component.  We recognize that as learning becomes increasingly more integrated with technology this creates an anxiousness for families and even for some educators.  Certainly, all parents desire to be able to help their children with their school work and they want to be active participants in their child’s learning.  We want that as well and will be working to create training for faculty, students and parents.

This summer over 80 Worthington faculty members and all Worthington administrators attended training on utilizing ILearnOhio as a learning management system.  Curriculum leaders at each Worthington school will spend this year working with their colleagues to learn the system and begin to utilize it more fully in 2015.

Likewise a plan is in place for training teachers in implementing Google Apps for Education.  All elementary teachers will receive training in person during the month of September and then in turn they will work with their students and families.  This spring secondary teachers will receive the same training.  (If you’re interested in learning more now just click http://www.google.com/edu/training/tools/)

Moving forward we will be creating instructional technology nights where families will be able to learn about the digital resources that are used in our classrooms and how they can access those resources at home.

Our goal throughout our technology plan is to create a system that is integrated to increase student learning and engagement through greater personalization.  In order for that to occur we’ll need to be more intentional in our training.  Our kids pick things up quickly.  It’s we, as adults, that need the help!

For more detailed information on our technology plan please visit our technology plan website which can be accessed at: https://sites.google.com/a/wscloud.org/2012-bond-implementation/

– Trent Bowers, Assistant Superintendent


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